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Release Notes History

Version 1.07.012 (14th May 2023)

  • Improved the software stability.

Version 1.07.011 (4th February 2023)

  • Fixed minor bugs.

Version 1.07.010 (7th October 2022)

  • Fixed minor bugs.
  • Improved German translation.

Version 1.07.009 (15th September 2022)

  • Fixed highlighted selection.

Version 1.07.008 (12th September 2022)

  • Added optional skip the first XX seconds of videos (advanced settings).
  • Added selection of highlighted files with contextual menu (right click).

Version 1.07.007 (21st March 2022)

  • Fixed auto-selection for identical duplicates.

Version 1.07.006 (15th February 2022)

  • Added 'Favorite folder' (excluded or required) for autoselect in settings menu.
  • Added selection/management of all files in 'Scanned Files' tab.
  • Added optional high contrasted colored groups.
  • Added video format TS4.
  • Fixed problem when stopping analysis.

Version 1.07.005 (23rd October 2021)

  • Fixed a crash with corrupted videos.
  • Windows 11 Ready.

Version 1.07.003 (7th July 2021)

  • Improved analysis speed of 10%.
  • Added video format M2T.
  • Improved the software stability during the video scanning.

Version 1.07.002 (16th September 2020)

  • Added autoselect duplicates modes.
  • Added video format MXF.
  • Fixed minor bugs.

Version 1.07.001 (19th April 2020)

  • Added select/unselect/invert videos by group with contextual menu (right click).
  • Added play video on double click file name.
  • Added open explorer on double click path name.
  • Managed image rotation parameter from codec tag.
  • Fixed unrecognized cache data between two versions.
  • Fixed notification of new software version (for future versions).
  • Fixed Windows XP support.

Version 1.07.000 (22nd February 2020)

  • Analysis speed improved by 1.9 times on a standard database (2000 videos).
  • Improved duplicate detection by 5%.
  • Added rename file feature in the contextual menu.
  • Added export feature of the duplicates list to CSV format.
  • Added auto-selection of the lowest/highest image resolution.
  • Fixed VP9 & AV1 codecs.
  • Updated the video copy detection Benchmark.

Version 1.06.012 (22nd September 2019)

  • Update with last codec library (HEVC).
  • New cache file serialization up to 10x faster on large video database.

Version 1.06.009 (16th June 2016)

  • Fixed random crash with VOB format.
  • Added video format RMVB.
  • Fixed Internet Explorer signature installation problem.

Version 1.06.006 (27th February 2016)

  • Fixed crash with 10bpp image format and .NET FrameWork 4.0 .
  • Added video format MTS.

Version 1.06.005 (12th October 2015)

  • Windows 10 Ready.

Version 1.06.004 (22nd June 2015)

  • Improved analysis speed of 15% for large video database.
  • Improved algorithms accuracy.

Version 1.06.002 (25th March 2015)

  • Fixed installation problem.

Version 1.06.001 (26th January 2015)

  • Minor bug fixed with the new 'Activation Key'.

Version 1.06.000 (6th January 2015)

  • New strong Activation Key. Generate an updated Activation Key is required for version 1.6 or higher.
  • New accurate algorithms : 20% more detected duplicates.
  • Added new german language.

Version 1.05.000 (18th September 2014)

  • Decreased the minimum video duration from 2 minutes to 10 seconds !
  • The short videos use a new optimized algorithm.
  • Fixed an application crash when too many duplicates are displayed (>300).

Version 1.04.012 (20th June 2014)

  • Improved the performance for a large video database.
  • Fixed incorrect video duration of some codecs.
  • Fixed minor bugs.

Version 1.04.007 (17th April 2014)

  • Added new optional information in duplicates list (right click) : duration, width, height, codec, ...
  • Added sortable list and optional colored groups.
  • Allow the permanent deletion of a 'false positive' in the duplicates list (right click).
  • Improved the software stability during the video scanning.
  • Fixed error status of some codecs.

Version 1.04.004 (11th February 2014)

  • Improved analysis speed of 75% for large video database !
  • Improved cache management : a rescan is faster.
  • Fixed minor bugs.

Version 1.04.003 (21st September 2013)

  • Improved the cache manager, by saving data during the analysis (prevent data loss after a crash).
  • Fixed the freezing problem of 'Scanned Files' list during the analysis of a large video base.
  • Added video format MMV.
  • Improved the software stability during the video scanning.

Version 1.04.000 (15th May 2013)

  • Improved the duplicates detection, and false positive detection.
  • Added 'Delete File' to contextual menu.
  • Added M2TS video format.
  • Fixed cache manager.

Version 1.03.000 (19th March 2013)

  • New 'Expert Edition' with a limit of 5000 video files.
  • Increased 'Home Edition' limit to 1500 video files.
  • Added video formats WTV, OGM.
  • Fixed the autoselect duplicates.
  • Improved software stability with corrupted video files.

Version 1.02.004 (16th January 2013)

  • Improving software stability.
  • Windows 8 compatibility.

Version 1.02.002 (3rd December 2012)

  • Added 'webm' format (YouTube).
  • Improve the accuracy of duplicate detection.
  • Publication of a benchmark between softwares.

Version 1.02.001 (11th November 2012)

  • Increase the processing speed of the 64 bits version.
  • Fixed problems with the uncompressed video format.
  • Fixed minor bugs.

Version 1.02.000 (21st October 2012)

  • Improve detection algorithm accuracy.
  • 70% of files requiring the thorough scan mode, are now processed with standard scan mode (15 times faster).

Version 1.01.003 (22nd August 2012)

  • Bug fixed : application doesn't run with Windows XP.
  • Fixed the problem with unstable Explorer.

Version 1.01.000 (12th August 2012)

  • French language is now available.
  • Added automatic check for updates.
  • Dynamic updates of explorer.
  • Fixed problem with videos generated by 'TMPGEnc', which have duration 3 times larger.
  • Fixed network scanning issues.

Version 1.00.004 (9th July 2012)

  • First public release !
  • Detect video with image modifications (scaled, cropped, rotated, noised, 3D side by side).
  • Detect video with timeline modifications (time shifted, split into multiple video clips).
  • Select folders from all connected devices and from the network.
  • Scan files in different video formats (without installing codecs): avi, mpg, mpeg, mkv, wmv, 3g2, 3gp, asf, asx, bsf, divx, f4v, flv, m2p, m2v, m4v, mov, mp4, ogv, rm, ts, vob, xvid.
  • 4 scans mode are available from quick to full.
  • Display thumbnails sequence from video source & duplicate video, side by side and synchronized.
  • Automatic selection of the best quality videos.
  • Delete, copy, move, files with a single click.