Video Comparer

Find duplicate videos, keep better quality, save disk space

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Product Overview

Duplicate Video Files ?

2 film rolls with video duplicates

Easy with Video Comparer !

main window of Video Comparer with synchronized timeline thumbnails and image similarity rate

Detect duplicate videos, keep better quality, save disk space.

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Unique duplicate detection features

Video Comparer has unique duplicate detection features that you won't find in any other product. Only Video Comparer is able to detect quickly duplicate videos with image transformations (included scaled, cropped, rotated, …) and time shifted (included division into multiple clips).
The comparison powered by an robust “video fingerprint” technology considers only the content of videos, not the file attributes (name, size, …).


Quick detection

Video Comparer is very quick. The average duration of the analysis, for standard video quality, is :

  • 1 minute for 30 videos
  • 5 minutes for 100 videos
  • 40 minutes for 500 videos

The scanning process is 1000 times faster than the real duration of the videos (for standard quality).

Take a look at the Benchmark !

Video Comparer saves some information of scanned movies in a cache file, and improves the speed for a new analysis.


User help

Video Comparer helps user to validate if the videos are duplicate in displaying, the similarity score and a synchronized timeline thumbnails.
Video Comparer helps user by selecting automatically the best quality video of a duplicate.